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dallas home theater building projects

Dallas home theater design, build, or expansion doesn’t have to be a hassle.

If you are short on room there are many specialized construction companies that can expand your space while custom designing the room for your high-end audio experience. By using our specialist you will find the process to be streamlined and highly effective. Everything is custom designed from the ground-up to maximize performance. By focusing on specialization you can enjoy a home theater experience that enjoys the absolute maximum in performance.

First, blueprints are created. These will be designed according to the customer needs. By starting with the material types and sound reinforcement the entire room can be especially tuned. Not only does this improve the experience, it also allows time to be saved over retrofitting of a current room. Sound conducive materials are used in order to create a harmonically rich environment. Baffles and high-end foam sound treatment is employed to dampen unwanted frequencies and improve the ambiance of the room. All this is done in careful collaboration with the homeowner.

Wiring is explicitly planned out in advance. This way wiring will not be visible and can be hidden in the walls and under the floors. This is a crucial step for home theater design in Dallas, as it is important to avoid improperly installing wiring which will degrade your signal chain. An additional benefit is that of the ability to employ more extensive automation. Doing all this before the construction is complete can be especially beneficial in saving time.

Next all “trim-out” equipment is installed. Speakers, volume controls and touch panels are all installed at this point. Hardware which is wall mounted is finalized and most wiring connections are completed. Only quality cable is used, you will not find any corners cut with unshielded lines or cheap radio shack wiring. It is important not to degrade the signal chain at any step and we take this very seriously. This also puts the process one step closer to completion.

Finally the active electronics are installed. Amplifiers and media players are carefully inserted to provide maximum performance. Everything is then inspected and signed off. This provides a reliable system that is built for maximum performance. Room EQs are carefully measured and final tuning is performed. If furniture is selected this is also taken into account in the final design of the room. Different configurations of seating can affect the sound quality.

71 audio is a leader in high-end home theater design in Dallas.

By tailoring the process from the beginning your expectations are sure to be met. This process is designed to be done quickly and efficiently while providing the absolute highest quality of results. Speak with any of our customers and you will find quality and satisfaction are always held with the highest of priorities.
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